Who Says Duct Tape is Not Enough?

Our next race is Memorial Day Weekend, and the gang at MSCC describe it best:

Madison Sports Car Club proudly presents Who Says Duct Tape is Not Enough? Sure there are fringe groups that believe in WD-40 or J-B Weld, but deep down everyone knows that Duct Tape rules the toolbox!

In the true cheap-*** spirit of Red Green we’re keeping the same LOW entry fees for the fourth year in a row. To save you a few more duct tape dollars, we’re throwing a dinner Saturday night with pulled pork, BBQ’s, chips and beverages on us. Plus we’re taking some risk on the turnout and we need you to come out and help us break even! But we’re not skimping on the usual Madison silliness.

More details at: MyAutoEvents.com

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