About Us

CPVRG-shieldCheckered Past Vintage Racing is a group of folks who love racing and vintage/historic racecars. We’re Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) and Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) members who haunt the road racing courses in the Midwest, racing together – and against each other – in a variety of different marques during most event weekends.

As with most V/H racing, we think it’s all about the cars and ultimately driver safety (and skills). A great place on the grid or a podium finish is always in sight, but never at the risk of bending the cars. We always want to make the next event with minimal drama in between. We try to prepare CPVRG cars to be safe (always) and go the distance (usually).

Our motto: Dusty not Rusty.

Vintage American, Italian, Japanese and British (or whatever) cars, drivers, mechanics, and fans are all welcome at CPVRG. Open wheel or closed wheel, there is no bad vintage racing. You simply have to enjoy the fun (OK, sometimes pain) that goes along with running these well seasoned cars. Join us by dropping us a line or stopping by our paddock and saying hello, we’d love to meet you. Bring beer.